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Why It Works

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Communication & Dominance

Why do deer use the HODAG systems so consistently? We believe there is establishment of dominance and social hierarchy taking place between deer year-round. Additionally deer use our products as a means of keeping tabs on the other members of their immediate herd and community, like dogs peeing on a fire hydrant. We know that deer are using scent as a means of communication year-round, we just aren't always in the woods to witness it. Using this knowledge we believe that if we can condition deer to use these communal scenting locations, we will in-turn increase our chances of putting a target buck within range when faced with limited tree stand location options, predominant winds in relation to deer entry and exit trails, and on small hunting plots and when those last few minutes of shooting light fade and you need that extra few yards to be in range.

Changing the Way You Hunt!

We believe without question that HODAG products will allow you to maximize your scouting efforts while minimizing your scouting impact. Our products will enhance your stand locations, food plots, and trail cameras while minimizing the amount of pressure you put on your property and your deer herd. Change the way you hunt and take your whitetail hunting strategy to the next level, and  most importantly, enjoy your hunting experience more. 



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