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Licking Branch 6-Pack

  • Includes (6) Licking Branch FlexPlate™, (18) anchoring screws, and (6) 8 oz. bottles of AllSeason Scent™.

Everything you need to easily, effectively, and efficiently create mock scrape scenarios for both scouting and hunting, while minimizing the amount of pressure you put on your deer. Visually creates interest by taking advantage of a whitetails curiosity and then stimulates physical interaction with the use of the AllSeason Scent. The HODAG Licking Branch System allows you to create mock scrapes with the branch at the perfect height and angle, in the location you choose. Can be used with a variety of branch types and/or natural vines.

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Just buy it. It works and you won't be disappointed.

Nick Ackerman

Over 1498 photos of bucks and does in one month checking out the licking stick. I have never seen so many deer on camera near my stand. My dad and brother are so jealous and I am loving it. I set this up with my 3 year old on Labor Day and did not check the photos until October 1. So excited for the 2019 season.

Tommy Clark

Bought it today and put it out,wow with less then one hour I had three bucks one of which was a shooter and the biggest on a property so far this year. I thought it was a bunch of bs but sense I got home after what I seen tonight I have called all my buddies to try this stuff out.

Andrew Martenson
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