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The Story Behind our Products


Products Made by hunters for hunters

HODAG products are made in Wisconsin by fellow hunters & outdoors enthusiasts like yourself. Our goal with all our products is to help every hunter get the most out of their hunting experience and time in the woods. Whether you're an experienced hunter looking for new tactics to kill your target buck or a new hunter wanting to put more deer in front of your trail camera, our products can help every hunter get better results and experiences. Hunting Stories can be heard around our small shop daily & every employee at our small company looks forward to being a part of your next big buck tale. Join our HODAG family and take your hunting strategy to the next level this season!

An accident turned experiment

It all started with a tough sapling that somehow survived the clearing, tilling, and disking of a new secluded food plot. After looking closely at that little tree, we noticed the number of deer tracks in the bare ground around it. Curiosity got the better of us and we had to find out why these deer were so interested in that spot, so we set up a camera.

After a few days, the trail cam pictures told us the whole story. The deer using that food plot were making regular visits to that specific sapling, in fact it seemed that most of the deer using that hunting plot were not only visiting the sapling, but they seemed to be using the sapling the same way a buck would use a mock scrape while rutting. The interesting thing was that the activity wasn't limited to bucks, instead it involved mature bucks, young bucks, does, and fawns and the traditional rutting period was still months away.

That one little sapling changed the way we understood how deer communicate and in rerturn a created our line of deer scent communication systems, all designed to replicate the success we had in that small plot on other hunter's properties.

Leveraging a Whitetail’s Natural Curiosity

From this discovery came the concept of our Licking Stick, Licking Branch, and HempScent Rope Systems. Our AllSeason Scent was specifically designed to work with our products to jumpstart NATRUAL deer communication, requiring one application of scent and minimal pressure on the deer. All HODAG products allow hunters to leverage a whitetail's natural behavior, curiosity, and scent communication, and replicate it where we (the hunter) choose in front of a trail camera or deer stand. With our different products, effective mock scrapes can be created on virtually any terrain. From food plots and field edges to timber flats and logging roads, we believe there is a spot on every property for a HODAG System.


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