AllSeason Scent™

scent for mock scrapes
scent for mock scrapes
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AllSeason Scent™

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Includes: 8 oz bottle with dripper cap for scent application

  • HODAG AllSeason Scent is made of 100% natural organic compounds. It contains absolutely no deer or animal secretions, fluids, glands, or urine.
  • HODAG AllSeason Scent is the best deer scent for creating mock scrapes by "jumpstarting" deer interaction. Designed and formulated to stimulate and trigger whitetail deer interaction by leveraging their natural curiosity. Consequently, the deer naturally scent mark and "freshen" with every interaction, creating a snowball effect of deer scent communication on your mock scrapes.
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Real Customers,
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Holy shit this is fire ????. I am up in the north east, which is very hard hunting with very low densities of deer, and they found at 45 minutes after installing it and then the other half it took eight hours for deer hit it & every day. They like it so much they roll in the scrape.Thank you for your product.


I've had really good luck with the rope systems. One they were wearing out almost as soon as I put it up. The other I had to move a couple of times and now they wear it out. The locking stick was a little problematic. Sand is 70 feet deep where I hunt, so I cut a 4 foot 10 inch diameter log and cut a flat on one side of it. Dug a trench, laid the log in it flat side up and used big lag screws to attach the plate. It's about 2.5 inches below the surface. Works great!

David Downey

This stuff is excellent! Used it last season and it was nice. Put some out this season and HOLY MOLY! I had no idea bucks this size were in my own backyard.

Franklin Myrick

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