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Great fitting HODAG branded hats. These hats are a Richardson 112, and available in three colors.

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Put this is out two weeks ago and the deer went right to it. There are plenty more pictures that I have, couldn't be happier with this product.

Josh Brooks

I have one of these in every food plot and a few set just off runs. i get so many beautiful pictures of deer. really happens to inventory whats around. I started using the hemp rope for scrpes last year as well and the bucks were all about it!


I purchased two licking sticks bases to place in two of my food plots to draw the deer in closer to my stand locations. I set up trail cameras on both of them and within 1 day I had several deer hitting the licking sticks. Great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is trying to get deer in a food plot closer to where your stand location is to get that 20 yard shot they are looking for.

Jake Sandbo
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