Licking Branch System

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Licking Branch System

Includes the Licking Branch FlexPlate™, (3) anchoring screws, and 8 oz. AllSeason Scent™

Everything you need to easily, effectively, and efficiently create mock scrape scenarios for both scouting and hunting, while minimizing the amount of pressure you put on your deer. Visually creates interest by taking advantage of a whitetail's curiosity and then stimulates physical interaction with the use of the AllSeason Scent. The HODAG Licking Branch System allows you to create mock scrapes with the branch at the perfect height and angle, in the location you choose. Can be used with a variety of branch types and/or natural vines.

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Last Sunday I had him at 80 yards and ran out of daylight. Friday night I had him at 5 yards but couldn't get a shot...too many eyes and noses to chance spooking him. Both nights sitting on bean plots. But as preparation and opportunity would have it he came to check out the Hodag licking branch with 10 minutes to spare last night. He didn't quite make it to the branch. If you don't have one, you're missing out. I've had mine for 2 years, and back to back results.

The Licking Stick/branch is the coolest thing since the rage broadhead andtrail cams to pattern the big boys.

Dan Detert
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