Licking Stick FlexPlate™

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Licking Stick FlexPlate™

Includes Licking Stick FlexPlate™ base and (2) anchoring stakes.

You have more than one trail camera... you're going to need more than one Licking Stick set.

Now available in Blendin Tan. This new natural colored spring option allows your Licking Stick to blend in with the surrounding landscape, designed to draw minimal attention from other hunters.

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Real Customers, Real Results.


Less then 24 hours of set up deer are going crazy over this thing... What a simple great idea. Highly recommend this product.

Wes Doan
October, 2018

I placed one of these in a small field where I have a ground blind set up. I set the licking stick up around noon and decided to sit in the blind that same evening to see how the deer reacted to it. I had a total of five does come through the field that evening and three of the five worked the licking stick. It hadn't been set up for 4 hours and the deer were using it like it was the natural thing to do. I was pretty impressed to say the least. I've had several bucks in this area as well, I can't wait to check the cams and see how they take to it.

Chad See
November, 2018

Finally, a simple, easy to use product that makes sense. We set up The Licking Stick in our food plot, set a camera and had deer on it the very next day! Very effective way to get deer on camera where you want them. Thank you!

Stephanie Lee Moore
July, 2017
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