HempScent™ Rope System - Multi Setup

hemp rope mock scrape
hemp rope mock scrape
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HempScent™ Rope System - Multi Setup

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Includes: 6 ft of HempScent™ Rope and 8 oz. bottle of AllSeason Scent™ w/ applicator cap

The HODAG HempScent Rope Multi-Setup System allows you to create MULTIPLE effective mock scrapes. 

  • Hunters understand the value and power of deer scent communication, what most don't know is that deer communicate via scent year-round. The HODAG HempScent Rope Mock Scrape System allows you to create extremely effective mock scrapes exactly where you want them to achieve year-round deer interaction.
  • HODAG HempScent Rope is a proprietary rope blend that maximizes durability and absorption of both HODAG AllSeason scent and natural deer scent
  • HempScent Rope Systems establish extremely effective mock scrapes in the location you choose.
  • 3/4" inch rope holds more scent, lasts longer in the elements, and sways less in front of your trail camera compared to thinner diameter ropes.
  • Hang the HempScent™ Rope, apply the AllSeason™ scent to create initial interaction, and jumpstart an extremely effective mock scrape to put deer in front of your trail camera or deer stand. The HODAG HempScent Rope System includes 6 feet of the highest quality 3/4 inch diameter rope blend available.
  • The HempScent Rope System can be used as a single setup or customized to create multiple setup locations. If you want to get multiple setups, simply cut the rope to the desired length, and hang with paracord or other small rope. The end of your rope should hang around 3.5' feet off the ground for best results. Apply AllSeason Scent liberally to stimulate physical interaction, which begins the scent marking process. Don't be afraid to experiment and get creative with your setups.
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